Project VIC International Surpasses 3500 accounts world wide to fight CSAM in 48 Countries 

Project VIC International Surpasses 3500 accounts world wide to fight CSAM in 48 Countries 
04/06/2019 Rich Brown

June 4, 2019:  

On June 1, 2019, Project VIC International approved it’s 3,500th user account to a law enforcement investigator involved in the global fight against child sexual abuse.  Project VIC assists investigators directly in their attempts to identify new victims through Project VIC International’s global databases using the Victim Identification Classification Standards (VICS).

The French investigator became part of a global network of law enforcement from over 48 countries collaborating to identify, and rescue child victims of sexual abuse depicted in child exploitative images and videos. This comes at a time when we are making vast improvements in our infrastructure and data model to handle the needs of artificial intelligence and trends law enforcement encounters investigating these crimes.

“Today, we mark this milestone as another example of how the Project VIC VICS Cloud contributes to the identification and rescue of children subjected to horrific sexual abuse. In collaboration with vendor tools, law enforcement agencies now have tools and methodologies to quickly determine if investigations contain new images of child exploitation. Through the VICS Cloud and partner tools, investigators are spared the daunting task of having to visually review the same horrific files over and over again, therefore reducing the stress and fatigue this work can create.” – Richard Brown -President/CEO

Improvements in VICS 2.0 are a result of changes in the way data moves and is deciphered for law enforcement in order to maximize their efforts across platforms as they search for children. New initiatives in India, Brazil and Thailand will assist even further in introducing law enforcement investigators to cloud collaboration and the benefits and results of VIC networks.

Project VIC International is a 501(c)(3)  Charitable Organization and depends on donations and support to help expand the VICS ecosystem into the hands of as many investigators possible.  

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