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Project VIC International: Leave No Victims Behind.

Project VIC International’s focus as a non profit is to champion a transformation in the approach to child exploitation investigations by developing innovative technologies and victim-centric examination workflows proven to help law enforcement face the real-world challenges of identifying children in some of the most impossible circumstances. Once these new workflows and technologies are identified our non profit assists in getting them out to law enforcement as soon as possible. As a trusted non profit we facilitate the donation of a technology or service and get these technologies polished to fight these crimes against children.

Today, thousands of children have already been rescued from being victimized or re-victimized through the work of law enforcement  and technologies transferred into the new tools they use to fight exploitation.


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Project VIC’s international community of investigators, victim identification specialists, application developers, scientists and strategic partners are all dedicated to developing and delivering the newest technologies and victim-centric methods of investigation to improve success rates in rescuing victims of child sexual exploitation and trafficking.

Project VIC’s methodologies crowdsource police work, helping investigators work smarter with better data. As a result, the number of victims identified has increased dramatically, and these victims are being rescued earlier on in the law enforcement investigation.

Project VIC believes success is best measured by how many victims are rescued today and every day.

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Project VIC International (Project VIC.org)
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