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Join our fight against child sexual exploitation and trafficking.

Project VIC International  is a 501 c3 Non Profit Charitable Organization. With our “Victim First” mantra, Project VIC has helped rescue thousands of children globally from sexual exploitation, trafficking, and abuse. We have reported over 7,000,000 (million) processed images and videos since inception and continue to build our influences Internationally.

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// Objectives

Project VIC                 

Project VIC focuses on all practices surrounding law enforcements efforts to investigate Child Sexual Exploitation. 

Objectives Include:

Making technical data and hash sets of CSAM available Internationally

Aiding Law Enforcement with Victim Identification Practices (VICid)

Supporting International databases

Providing data as a global asset to developing countries

Providing universal frameworks for Identification and Classification of materials to give investigators.

Facilitating collaborative efforts at events for frontline investigators to help identify new victims through Project VIC “Victim Centric Policing Practices” group efforts result in the identification and rescue of children. (VICid)


// Objectives


VIClabs focuses on providing an environment for developers to communicate with law enforcement, industry professionals, scientists and Non-Profits.

Objectives Include:

Bringing new technologies from VIClabs to developed and developing countries

Breaking down barriers to a global response by providing flexible technologies such as PhotoDNA/ F1 Video/ VICS 2.0 / A.I data.

Supporting annotation and victim identification sessions by LEA professionals

Managing international connections to cloud services to share information.

Providing Beta translation support across categories through international categorization standard translations for child sexual abuse images and video.

DevOps Operations, Technology Summits Internationally