Victim Identification Training- VICid

Law Enforcement Training- Victim Identification

VICid® Training brings the use of Project VIC Cloud Data, VIClab’s technologies to the Victim Identification investigation and introduces the investigator to Digital Media Examiner-DME tools to enhance Victim Identification workflows.  The trainings introduce the “Victim Centric ” method of investigation and are instructed by world leading law enforcement agents in order to spread the importance of International cooperation and deconfliction with entities such as the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children LESP and the  Interpol Child Sexual Exploitation database, Project VIC has developed new standards for law enforcement data by creating the Video Image Classification Standard, or VICS. VICS leverages the use of large and high-quality hash sets to identify and eliminate previously identified images. These hash sets carry all of the original metadata of the image and designations from high profile organizations, as well as variations of the image hash, including MD5, Sha1, Microsoft PhotoDNA, and others

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