Project VIC – Helping to Identify and Rescue Children from Sexual Exploitation

Law enforcement agencies worldwide use the technology in Project VIC’s ecosystem

Project VIC champions a transformation in the approach to child exploitation investigations by developing innovative technologies and victim-centric methodologies. We are a coalition of law enforcement and private sector partners providing solutions to real-world challenges.

Law enforcement agencies worldwide use the technology developed by Project VIC’s partners to rescue child victims, apprehend offenders and secure crime scenes.

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What is Project VIC?

The goal of Project VIC is to create an ecosystem of information and data sharing between domestic and international law enforcement agencies all working on crimes facilitated against children and the sexual exploitation of children. Individual agencies generally retain silos of similar data—data that would be far more useful in the aggregate.

Project VIC allows agencies to leverage aggregate data, technologies and innovation. Although Project VIC is known for its robust image hash values, we also offer domestic and international training programs through partnerships with the National Criminal Justice Training Center (NCJTC)